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Crossover Marketing Intros Incentive Program

The new Pacific Northwest rep firm, the Crossover Marketing Group, announced a new incentive program, designed to reward dealers who write orders consistently.

The rewards program enables buyers to amass ‘Crossover Points,’ for orders placed across all brands sold by the Group. Buyers earn points in increments of $2,500 per order. For example, an order worth $8,000 would win three points.

Have you heard about the new rewards program that Crossover Marketing has created? It’s a way for us to thank our customers for their business.   Here’s how it works: when retail buyers write orders for any of the brands we sell, they earn points at increments of twenty-five hundred dollars. These points act as tickets for a raffle of premium prizes, and we select winners at the end of each month. 


The more orders a buyer writes, the more Crossover Points they earn, which increases their chances of winning a monthly prize in a simple and fun way to reward our dealers for their business. At the end of every month, we randomly draw a winner from all the points earned that month, and then start fresh with new points for the next month.

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