Crossover Marketing

Crossover in its technical form relates to the electrical components designed to allow smooth transition points throughout the frequency range of sound…


Crossover as a company name represents the ability to deliver the best products, technologies, and business practices. We will use these foundation principles to provide smooth transition points throughout the frequency range of partnerships between manufacturers and their dealers.

Get The Best Advice

Having held leadership positions for large corporations, our broad experience gives us an opportunity to claim a very unique place in the market.

Think of us as a rep partner that can advise on any facet of the business. Whether it’s account development or merchandising…you can always trust that Crossover has you covered.

Rob Sutton

Rob has literally grown up in the business. The path he took wasn’t easy, but a blessing nonetheless as it gave him an overall understanding of the business that few ever realize.

Paul Pilat

His 20+ year foundation is rooted in a broad set of roles and responsibilities including business development, product marketing, design, sales and marketing and sales training.

Good people with a potent combination of experience, skills, relationships and creativity

We’ve built this organization to take a bold step and reinvent a crucial part of the market that has grown stale…the Independent Rep Company

On A Personal Note

More about the people who will be representing you

Paul is known for his winemaking, especially his Oregon Pinot Noir.

An avid boater who grew up in New England, he also enjoys golfing, cabinet-making, and fishing with his two sons.

Mr. Pilat has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth.

Paul and Rob met in the mid-nineties while working together in merchandising at MTI, the leader of 12V displays and store design at the time. Their friendship of nearly thirty years is Crossover’s greatest asset.

Rob is a freelance artist, focusing on painting and graphic design. He is very active in youth sports, including coaching his two kids and serving on the board of the local Little League for more than twelve years.


Post-COVID, he manages a basketball program for K-8 kids with the local school district.


Rob’s favorite activity is concerts, with more than 1,000 live shows attended over the past 35 years. Feeling the energy change in a room full of people through music is what drive that passion for him.

A Full Service Firm

Sam Sutton

Sam Sutton represents the third generation in consumer electronics for the Sutton family. A childhood attending 12V trade shows and past Kenwood trips has given him a unique perspective on the business, and existing relationships with many of your Best Dealers.


Before joining Crossover full-time he attended Central Washington University and then worked as a Lab Tech at Absci, a generative AI drug exploration company.


In the lead up to the launch he interned inside five preeminent dealers spread throughout the territory to get to know the people who work there and better understand how his role at Crossover will positively impact them in the future.


Sam played baseball at a very high level growing up and learned early about the importance of a team mindset and hard work. More recently, he has coached youth baseball on his own since he was sixteen years old, and led our local Little League’s All Star team as manager the past two seasons.

Zach Vanatta

Zach Vanatta brings a wealth of experience with automobiles, and a strong desire to work closely with like-minded people in the car audio industry. While pursuing his Business Marketing degree at Clark College, Zach honed his skills at a local Auto Broker and Dealership, managing critical business operations.


His role on the team aligns perfectly with our vision and plans to provide unparalleled client support and a strong and consistent field presence to drive value to both our vendors and customer base here in the Pacific Northwest.


Zach and Sam’s journey began on the baseball diamond, and on the day they first met, Zach threw a slider into Sam’s ribs. Then came a friendly conversation at first base, and from that moment a friendship blossomed. Over the years, that initial connection has evolved into an enduring bond.

Dealer Development

Rob and Paul will work out of our Portland area offices to conduct in-person account development and drive your business through the entire market.

Manufacturer Consulting

Thorough and efficient reporting on market conditions and dealer needs. We can also advise on nearly all facets of the business.

Territory Growth

New Dealers are crucial for sustainable growth and we will advise smaller retailers on healthy growth strategies.

The Brands That Power Us

We bring you a broad selection of top-tier brands, all renowned for their commitment to delivering exceptional sound and groundbreaking innovation. Leading the way is Pioneer, a world leader in electronics products for the car. Backed by decades of expertise, Kicker delivers top-notch performance across a wide array of applications. You can also immerse yourself in the precision and sound quality of Hertz-Audison, savor the robust performance and value offered by Boss Audio, and explore VOXX Electronics’ cutting-edge technology spanning various categories. This includes DEI’s state-of-the-art security systems and the richly diverse entertainment portfolio from Sirius XM. Dynamat and PCA Enclosures round out a robust assortment of premium products that deliver exceptional performance and revenue potential.

Trusted Partnerships

“I met Rob thirty years ago, and have worked closely with him through my time at Al & Ed’s Autosound, The Good Guys, and Car Toys. Rob’s knowledge of the industry is unmatched, and he was always the best rep that called on me. Very professional and well prepared with perspective on my business that even I hadn’t seen. He won five consecutive Vendor of the Year Awards from Car Toys, and they were all well-deserved.

For the past five years we’ve worked together at JVCKenwood, and I can assure two things…his positive energy cannot be denied, and he knows how to drive the business.”
Kelly McDaniel
Senior Manager, Eastern Region Sales at JVC Kenwood
"Not only has Rob's white glove approach directly translated into increased profitability for my organization. Rob uses his expertise to flawlessly follow through from conception to execution. His industry knowledge, focus on sell-through, and proactive promotional strategies are best-in-class."
Jennifer "JQ" Quesada
Senior Merchandising Manager, Car Toys
"As the Executive Director of M.E.S.A. I've worked with Rob Sutton in his different roles at Kenwood USA for the last fourteen years.  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Rob.  Any time I’ve needed anything, he was always there for me and is a great person to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of.  Not only is Rob a great industry colleague, he is a true friend!"
Ryan Gunter
Executive Director, Mobile Electronics Specialists of America
"As a store owner, and buyer, I was elated to find out Rob Sutton has created a Rep Firm. Why? Because after 37 years, I have learned in this industry to sort the good from the bad. This only comes from action, not words, Rob is one of the good and has never let me down. I can’t wait to work with him."
Blane Hartleb
Outrageous Audio

Let the Numbers Speak

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In The News

In The Press

crossover kicker press release image.jpg

KICKER Joins Fast Growing Rep

Crossover will serve KICKER dealers in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.In addition to KICKER, Pioneer partnered with Crossover last October. Principal Rob Sutton, former Director of Sales for KENWOOD, said that partnership marked the first time Pioneer has partnered with a rep outside of National Accounts in decades.
Sutton and Pilat.jpg

Kenwood Veteran Launches Rep Firm

Regarding leaving Kenwood recently, Sutton said, “The people at Kenwood are and will always be family to me. I’ll be forever grateful to Dave Hoag for giving me a chance over fifteen years ago, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve all done together over the years.” He said,  “I’m doing this to chase a longtime dream with my mentor and my son, it’s something that I just have to do.”

Pioneer Names New Rep

It named Crossover Marketing Group, based in Portland, OR, as its new partner in the region. Crossover Marketing is a recently-launched rep firm led by former KENWOOD Director of Sales, Rob Sutton and Paul Pilat, a veteran of Intel and several audio companies.
Audison Tesla Sound Packs.jpeg
Crossover Company Tesla

Audison Announces Tesla Sound Packs

The systems offer plug and play installation. The Level One system improves the performance of the factory Tesla system by adding a DSP/amplifier and a 10-inch subwoofer. The Level Two Sound Pack then adds to that by replacing the factory speakers.
voxx 1.jpg

VOXX Electronics Partners with Crossover Marketing

VOXX Electronics Corporation has named Crossover Marketing as its new manufacturer’s representative firm for the Pacific Northwest market, the company announced.The firm—founded by Rob Sutton and Paul Pilat, and now joined by Sam Sutton—will be focused on dealer development and innovative marketing strategies to help its partners achieve measurable results and reach their mutual goals, the company said.
boss audio 1.jpg

BOSS Audio Selects Crossover Marketing to Drive Next Phase of Growth in the Pacific NW

BOSS Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-quality audio and video products, today announced the hiring of the Crossover Marketing Group, a full-service Manufacturer’s Representative to lead the company’s business objectives in the Pacific Northwest Territory.BOSS Audio is committed to amplifying its sales growth and improving its position in the highly competitive automotive aftermarket.
earn points 1.jpg

Crossover Marketing Intros Incentive Program

The new Pacific Northwest rep firm, the Crossover Marketing Group, announced a new incentive program, designed to reward dealers who write orders consistently. The rewards program enables buyers to amass ‘Crossover Points,’ for orders placed across all brands sold by the Group. Buyers earn points in increments of $2,500 per order. For example, an order worth $8,000 would win three points.
hertz audison 1.jpg

Elettromedia Names New Rep

Elettromedia-USA, manufacturer of premium electronics and speaker systems for the automotive, marine, and motorsports aftermarket, announced that it has signed a contract with the Crossover Marketing Group LLC to represent the Hertz, Audison, and Connection brands in the Pacific Northwest beginning June 1, 2023.The newly formed Crossover Marketing Group LLC consists of industry veterans Rob Sutton and Paul Pilatalong with Sam Sutton serving in a customer support role.
Crossover prize.jpeg

Crossover Marketing Announces Prize Winner

Crossover held a drawing last month to pick the winner for this new incentive program, which is designed to reward dealer orders and incentivize upside activity at the end of the month.“Dealers are building up their ‘Crossover Points’ by writing orders across all of our great brands like Hertz Audison, Boss Audio, VOXX/DEI, and Linkswell. For every $2,500 they spend, they earn a point, which gives them a shot at winning an awesome prize. The next drawing will be for $500 in Costco Gift Cards plus we have some great stuff lined up for the fall…It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved!” said Rob Sutton of Crossover Marketing.
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